Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Fun

Halloween is always a fun time to go out all dressed up. Crossdressers can get away with quite a lot on that day especially in public. I am to a point in my life when I will sometimes go out dressed up whether its Halloween or not. But when its not Halloween, I will dress up in a nice dress or skirt and blouse combo. Halloween is one of those special days where you can dress up in a fun costume. And there are a lot of fun girl costumes.

Now I have been frequenter of the site and I have fun phone times with my favorite Mistress Melanie. But when you go to the site there are sample blog posts from other Mistresses and one caught my eye, it was entitled Sissy Halloween Assignment from Ms. Constance Basically, it challenges you to go have a professional makeup session at an Ulta salon or Mac store for your "Halloween Party" makeup. You can go dressed in costume or not.

About this same time I signed up for the local 5K called the Monster Dash where they encourage costumes. I thought this would be a good kill two birds with one stone opportunity. I could do the Sissy challenge and then run the race in costume. Sadly, the run begins at 10am and the MAC stores and salons don't open until 10am so that didn't work out.

But as I thought about the assignment it seems to me the point is to go outside of your comfort zone. It's not about doing your makeup, its being seen getting your makeup done. Including the general public in your sissy lifestyle. And I thought to myself, rather than being seen in the salon, so long as I am seen I would be at least following the intent if not the actual defined assignment.

So I decided to run the 5k, in a sissy costume and full makeup.

Of  course I wanted to share this with Miss Melanie and also Ms. Constance so I decided to have a session with Miss Melanie and post this blog to share with Ms Constance. But before I could do those things I needed to work some things out. Like a costume.

I didn't have to look to far and found an old costume I bought about 4 years ago. Its a sexy German Beer Girl costume, because its difficult to find an adult female costume that doesn't incorporate sexy into the title. It's basically a Drindl dress with off the shoulder sleeves and an apron sewn on. Here is a picture.

At one point I had the beer glass purse too, but its pretty cheesy. So I went a different route. The costume did not come with a petticoat, but luckily sissies love petticoats and I just happened to have one that would work perfectly. I had stay up stocking of my own too, but I decided to see if I could find something a little thicker and more opaque. The run was going to be about 50 degrees and that costume doesn't cover up much. I was looking for ways to keep my body temperature up. So I did end up buying some cotton over the knee sox.

For shoes I decided against sexy and I planned to go with plain running shoes.That really only left one thing, my hair. I'm not blonde, but I do have fairly long hair. I also didn't want to get up at 6am to do my hair only to run a 5k and get all sweaty. Again I wanted to keep warm so I found the wig I wore with this costume. It's blonde and has braids down the sides.  It's also big and warm so it acted pretty much act like a winter hat.

Back to the beer. I found a set of 4 plastic dimpled beer mugs on Amazon. When they arrived I knew they would be perfect. They are super light and if I dropped them they wouldn't shatter. I went into crafting mode and painted the inside of the mugs with orange/yellow paint and made some head on the beer by gluing together cotton balls. Once I had the beer mugs done, my costume was ready to go. Or so I thought.

Now getting back to Miss Melanie, I planned to call her from the 5k so she could see the costume and all the people around me watching me walk around dressed as a Sexy German Beer Girl. Miss Melanie and I recently had a different public outing where we were able to test my Lovense Hush toy. It can be managed over the Internet and Bluetooth. It's super fun. I was wearing it under my skirt and went out for lunch. The restaurant had public Wifi and she was able to login to the app and control the toy as I was sitting in the restaurant. It was awesome and she was having a fun time too, she kept bursting into laughter as she turned the toy up and down and sent me various patterns to play. The one down side was I couldn't get it to work just walking down the street. No Wifi and it didn't seem to work using LTE.

I had considered trying to figure out some sort of hot spot scenario and we could play with it while I was running the 5k but I decided to do a test run first. While I was able to run, I didn't think I could do it comfortably for 3 miles plus the time to walk around before and after the run. So I decided to wear my Aneros instead. If you are not familiar an Aneros is an awesome prostate massager. So as I waited around for the race, and running the race and going back to my car after the race, it would be like somebody had a finger up my butt playing with my prostate.

Lastly, I had to figure out my boob situation. I tried a few different options. First I tried an overbust corset, just a cheapy I could sweat in and some weighted breast forms. I really liked the way they bounced but because the costume was off the shoulder, I couldn't use lingerie with shoulder straps. Even just running around in my apartment I knew the forms would eventually pop out the top of the corset. I tried them with a strapless bra too but that wanted to slip down my torso as I ran with weight in the cups. So I switched to foam inserts and while they felt easier to run in the strapless bra still kept sliding down. In the end I went with foam inserts and the cheapie corset.

Finally on the morning of the race I woke up an hour early so I could put on some makeup and get dressed for the race. I gave myself a close shave, moisturized and put on a layer of pan stick that I use for a base. I followed that with a darker cream for contouring and a lighter cream for highlighting. I basically follow the drag queen method but I just don't do it as dramatically. I followed that with a translucent setting powder. After that baked in, I used a pink powder blush on my cheekbones. I used a lip liner to outline my lips and a mauve colored lipstick.

Then I started on my eyes, I used a dark brown to fill in my eyebrows. The I used a black powder as eyeliner, about halfway across the upper and lower lash line and then build out a little cat eye on the outside corner and back into the upper eyeliner. I used a light pink powder on my eyelids to just above the crease and a touch just below the outside arch of my eyebrow. Then I put a small circle of electric pink on my brow bone outside corner and blend that in on the outside corner and then back over the crease. I usually finish it up with false eyelashes but I didn't want to run in them so I used black mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.

I pinned up my hair and put on a wig cap so my brown hair wouldn't spill out from under the blonde wig. I took a picture but it turned out pretty blurry, sorry about that. Then it was time to get dressed.

I wanted my panties to match my outfit and of course I have a pair of white ruffle panties, so they went on first. The day before as I was testing things, I decided to pin the petticoat to the corset so the petticoat wouldn't slip down as I ran. This made getting into the corset and petticoat a little bit of a challenge but I got through it. I put in the foam falsies and tightened the laces of the corset. Not too tight on top to flatten the falsies but nice and tight across the waist so it wouldn't slip down as I ran. The put the dress on over my head, since the petticoat was already on and slipped the arms down over my shoulders and fluffed out the skirt over the petticoat before zipping it up.

There were to attached white apron strings I could tie behind my back. The apron was attached to the costume but the aprons strings allowed me to tighten the dress a little around my waist. The was also a pair of brown straps that went around my neck halter style which helped to keep the dress up and not slip down. I had pinned the race number to my apron and I made sure to pin it though the green skirt so it didn't fly up if there was wind. After that I slipped on my cotton over the knee sox and running shoes.

I put together a bag: wallet, keys, phone, headphones, beer mugs, makeup wipes, Aneros, lube and a change of clothes just in case. My timing was pretty good, because I was ready to go about ten minutes before I had planned.  Oh well, just more time to stand around in front of everyone. And I wanted to make sure I found parking too. Here is a picture before I left the house.

Walking down the hallway to my car in my apartment building is always fun, but I rarely encounter anyone along the way and it happened again. Not a sole to be seen, that would change once I got to the race though. It was about a 20 minute drive and I found a parking lot about three blocks away from the race start. Other people did too because there was a line at the pay meter. I dug out a credit card, my Aneros and some lube. A little crafty handiwork and I managed to lube up the Aneros, slip it in and I was off to my first encounter with the public.

At first they kind of ignored me but as we were all waiting in line they asked me how I was doing, and I said it was a little chillier than I had hoped. They thought that was funny and we all chatted a bit. One of the women said it was awesome that I was solo at that point and asked if my friends were down at the start. I said I'm sure they're around here somewhere. After I paid I went back to my car to get my beer mugs and anything else I would need for the race. Before I left the parking lot I called Miss Melanie.

I had only hinted at what I was doing for Halloween and I explained the whole thing to her as I was walking to the race. As I walked up to the end of the first block people were converging from two other directions and we had to wait for the crosswalk. So with about 50 people around I'm chatting away with Miss Melanie about how I'm dressed up like a sexy german beer maid and she is laughing and excited about calling her to let her know what I am doing.

We talked for about ten minutes and I tried to Skype with her but I have Verizon and can't do multiple things on my phone at the same time. I accidentally hung up on her but we texted a few times in Skype and she did accept the Skype video session so she could see my outfit and all the people around. I made sure to call her back after the race because she is amazing and we had some fun time together through

I had quite a few people want to have their picture taken with me and I was happy to oblige. There can never be too many picture of you dressed as a sissy out in the real world. Even one of the event organizers took my picture to enter me in the costume contest. They said they had all my info from the race sign up based on my running number. I had to wait about 30 minutes before the race and I walked around and a few people chatted with me or complimented me.

The race was on a path up and down the river, 1.5 miles out and 1.5 miles back. Before my race there was a 10k race that had left out on the course about 45 minutes before I ran. Since the start and the finish were at the same location, everyone running the 10 k got to see me as they finished. Then a 10a the timed runners for the 5k started, so I saw them at the start line. I was in the untimed 5k and that started at 10:15a. As we were running towards the halfway mark, the timed runners were running on the same path towards the finish. So all in all I must have encountered about 1500 people while I was dressed in my cute little german beer maid costume.

At the end of the race I was sweaty and I didn't have a towel with me to wipe my brow. Well the sweat and makeup ran into my eyes and made me blink and I tried to be careful and wipe some sweat away but that just spread mascara around my eyes, so I didn't stay too long after the race. By the time I made it back to my car I had big racoon eyes from smeared mascara. Oh well, the best laid plans.

I took off my makeup in the car, thats why I packed makeup wipes. Since I was parked outside I couldn't really change so I drove home wearing my outfit. I had also carefully removed the Aneros before I sat down in the car. All in all I had worn it for maybe 90 minutes and had run 3 miles and quite a bit of walking and standing while wearing it.

When I made it home I did see one of my neighbors I didn't recognize and I was still in costume. They just said hi and went upstairs as I went downstairs. I took off my sweaty costume, took a show and called Miss Melanie to recap my day and finished off with a mind blowing orgasm with Miss Melanie.

Here are a few pictures of race day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My perfect date

For me its not just about dressing up like a girl, I enjoy the process, the feelings, the acts. I enjoy doing the things that women get to do that men normally don't. I want to know what its like not just to dress like a female but what is it like to be a female. I can have a difficult time with this because I feel like I'm pretending, but it's an interesting study in perspective. I have been out in public many times, so going out is no longer that big of a deal. I enjoy it but I have done it before. One thing I haven't really done is go on a date as a female. An actual date with someone I could get to know, flirt with and see where things go.

But if I did that what are some girly things I would enjoy.

- I think my ideal location for going on a date would be in Las Vegas. There are so many restaurants and bars and fun things to see and do. I would happily go the The Peppermill Fireside Lounge for an ice cream drink, my favorite is the Pink Squirrel. I would equally enjoy going out for a drink at The Sunset Lounge in Hyde at Bellagio, a fun romantic spot to watch the fountains. I could also enjoy a nice meal and conversation at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris.

- I think I would be happy either meeting my date out at our predetermined location or having them pick me up at my door and going out. While I have gone out solo dressed up in Las Vegas, It's just easier to be with someone else. You can talk to them and not think about everyone looking at you.

- It may sound corny or old fashioned and probably sets feminism back a few decades, but I think it would be fun to have my date order for me. Something like, "I'll have a gin and tonic and she'll have a Pink Squirrel."

- I would consider myself lucky to have a commemorative picture with my date. Sometimes the bars or restaurants will have an on site photographer who takes pictures to sell to the patrons. I could lean in and try to look cute for our photograph, hanging onto my dates arm.

- As we sat and chatted while getting to know each other it would be exciting if my date leaned in to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. What can I say, I'm a romantic.

- I do consider myself more passive. I like someone to take charge, just not overly aggressive or mean spirited.

- Assuming things went well on the date I would very much enjoy a limo ride on The Strip. My date wouldn't be able to keep their hands to themselves and would get a little "handsy" in the back of the limo.

- A lovely stroll along the promenade in front of the Bellagio to watch a fountain show could be nice too. Being out in public, on the arm of my date, holding my hand or with their arm  around my waist.

 - I would enjoy the little things associated with being treated like a lady; having doors held open for me, help getting up or down in my chair or into or out of a limousine.

- It is Las Vegas after all so a quick stop at the roulette table to make a bet, even if it is just one bet. Just being there with my date who is proud to be out with me just as I am proud to be out with them in public.

- These items above, of course, are more about romance, but that doesn't mean I can't be a little risque too. 

- Public displays of affection anywhere from a light peck to a full kiss or maybe having my ass grabbed surreptitiously could be fun.

- I do own a Hush toy by Lovense which can be worn in public and is quiet enough to not be noticed by casual bystanders. It is managed via an app on an iPhone so your partner can sneak in some exciting playtime while sitting in a restaurant or walking around town.

- Again if things go well and we have some private time together I prefer a sensual encounter, no bondage or rough treatment. I want to be taken and feel like a woman whether that is lying on my back with my legs wrapped around my lovers waist, taking it doggy style or riding them like a cowgirl.

- Sex is not just about me either, I want my date to enjoy themselves and I have another toy that everyone seems to enjoy, a Hitachi Magic Wand. Fun for all and all for fun.

- I also have a bit of an exhibitionist quality to me, as if wandering around Las Vegas dressed as a girl wasn't enough. The thought of standing in my lingerie in front of floor to ceiling windows caressing my lover excites me. Are the room lights on bright enough to be seen from below? The windows are so far away across the Bellagio lakefront, even if they could see would anyone even be paying attention? That is exciting to me.

-  I do tend to overthink things and may end up "topping from the bottom". A giant list of things I would enjoy might fall into this category. Of course I would enjoy any one of these things, or just a few of them. I certainly don't need to do all of them. Maybe my date would like to see or do something they like or show me something I never knew existed. It's a two way street.

- One last comment. Not everyone wants to be in a picture but might be happy to take a photo of me instead of with me. Maybe they don't want to stand in front of a window for everyone to see or even something simple like drink alcohol. All things have to be consensual. It doesn't matter if you are a male, or a female or a male dressed as a female. Consent is mandatory.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weighting - Follow up

So I know I posted the progress I was making weight wise but didn't post a follow up.  I did get under 200 pounds for the Vegas trip. The last time I checked at work before the trip was May 26th and the trip was on June 30th.  At that point I was 198.  I jumped back up over 200 pounds as a result of eating a lot during the Las Vegas trip but I recovered and have been pretty stable, just under 200 pounds since then. After all, I have a wedding dress photo session we are still planning.

I have performed a couple of time since the weight loss and you can really tell. A couple of my costumes I need to adjust to keep them from falling off. I also have had comments from my girlfriends noting how much I have lost.  I suppose it has been about 10% of my bodyweight so that really does make a big difference.

Hopefully I will be able to keep my weight right around 197, I'm not sure what I will do once winter comes around and I can't run any more.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Just A Few More Days

I have two semi busy days left before the trip. They are only semi busy because one day is a Holiday and the other I have the day off  of work, but there is plenty to do on both days as well.

Today is packing day. I will set out all the clothes I plan to bring and check off all the things on my list of to do's. I still have to go through my makeup bag and bring only the things I will need. I also have to decied what goes in the carry on versus by checked baggage. I don't want to miss anything on Thursday so I will likely carry my wedding salon visit items and Thursday show items in my carry on.  Everything else should go into my checked bag. It's also tough because I'm not 24x7 dressing as a girl so that means two different wardrobes. You can see its a very comprehensive list.

unders and sox - wearing
shorts - wearing
T shirt - wearing
pom sneaks - wearing
 -steak night
Unders - repeat
White t-shirt
Blue linen shirt - dry cleaner
New jeans
Black sox
Black Boy shoes
New jacket
Blue pocket square - dry cleaner
-After dinner
Unders - repeat
Pom Sneaks- repeat
-wedding salon
Blue silk dress
Pom sneaks - repeat
White long line bra
White gaff
White ruffle panties
Puma Purse
Wedding rings
Crystal heels - bring along
White stay up stockings - bring along
Pink Ombre dress
Poir Moi
Strapless bra
Thong panties
Garter Belt
Black gaff
Black seamed stocking
Betsy Johnson Cat necklace
Matching earrings
Crystal and gold necklace
Wedding rings
Crystal heels - repeat
Black/gold wire purse
Hiking shoes
Extra Tshirt if I sweat through it
  -Friday night out
Pom Sneaks - repeat
T Shirt
Bikini - delivery?
Pom Sneaks - repeat
Red flower dress
Blue Satin dress
Pour Moi
Blue/Black basque
Blue/Black panty - delivery?
Black gaff - repeat
Two tone stockings
Bronze stockings - just in case
Black felt cutout heels
Leopard wrap
Leopard muff
Blue brooch
Something blue from DuBarry's
Cat Ears
-pool or wander
Bikini - repeat
Pom Sneaks - repeat
Red flower dress - repeat
T Shirt
Pom Sneaks - repeat
Shorts - repeat
-Sunday night show
Unders - repeat
White t-shirt
Purple pricey shirt
New jeans - repeat
Black sox
Black Boy shoes - repeat
New jacket - repeat
Purple pocket square - dry cleaners
Peacock Bowtie
-day in Vegas
Pom Sneaks or hiking shoe - repeat
Shorts - repeat
Tshirt - change

Extras -
Black kitten heels
Black maxi dress - backup
Nighties/panties/robe - wash
Wedding shoes
Wedding dress garment bag
Cash - in basket
Chargers - lightning and watch
Tooth Brush
Eye drops
Gas x
Scrubbing face brush
New razor Blades
Shaving gel
Hair binders
Small scissors
Contact Lenses
Makeup and brushes
Make list
Makeup wipes
Girl glasses
Girl readers/sun readers
Hand fan
Lighted makeup mirror
Hair clips ins
Breast forms
Hair curler thingy
Sponge curlers
Pool purse/bag
Stroke 51

Magic Wand

Tomorrow I have a hair coloring appointment in the morning and and mani/pedi in the afternoon. I also have to hope my last shipments arrive in the mail. I have a new band ordered  for my Apple watch, something a little more girly. I also have two things coming for the trip. I ordered a bikini bottom for my swim suit, same style but not high waisted, and a pair of panties for my Saturday lingerie. I am having a hard time matching the blue of my basque. If they don't show up I will need to go to Victoria's Secret and just get a skimpy black pair of panties. They will work but I'd rather have the matching set.

On Tuesday I leave for Las Vegas.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The real work begins

Over the past few weeks I have been dutifully filling out my spreadsheets, planning what to bring where I can pack it, going to the store to make sure I have fresh razor blades and new false eyelashes.  That was all kid stuff compared to what is in the works starting today.

Yesterday, I had my body waxed and I still feel sticky.  Its surprising how long it takes to find all the hidden, sticky wax bits after you are done.  The waxing itself takes about 90 minutes to do both arms, both legs, my chest, my back, my butt, and then getting a nice bikini line. Nobody wants to see yucky boy hair sticking out when I'm wearing my bikini at the pool. Waxing is awesome for a nice clean feel and you don't get stubble for a while. That's very important when you have a few nights of dressing up on the schedule. I want to be able to focus on hair and makeup and not have to shave again the next evening before slipping into my stockings and garter belt.

This weekend is finalizing a few things, and I get an extra day since its Memorial Day weekend here in the US. I will spend some time working on my eyebrows. I have had them waxed in the past but they always do a natural full brow. I am hoping to pluck them a little tighter than normal from the bottom up so its a little thinner than I normally wear them. They'll grow back, right?

Tuesday is the day before I leave and that will be a busy day as well. I have my hair color appointment as well as a manicure and pedicure. I love the feel and look of a nice gel nail extension. The color is baked right into the process so my nails will be pretty for the duration of the trip. Some people will notice my long colored nails when I'm waiting in line for airport security but who cares. My nails will look beautiful dammit.

Just a quick note on where I stand with my weight loss plan for the wedding dress fitting. My last weigh in before I leave for Las Vegas I came in at 197.5 pounds. Yay Me! I should be able to slip into the wedding dress with no problems. I shipped it off on Tuesday so it will be there when I get to Las Vegas.

One little thing to leave you with. After my waxing and weight loss I just had to do a test fitting of my black and pink lingerie. This is my official Thursday night show lingerie.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Its Been 10 Days, lets talk shoes

Oh my, how time flies. Its been ten days since my last post and and I only have eleven days until I fly off to Las Vegas. I think I have pretty much everything planned but I have a couple of things left on my to do list. First off is the shoes I am going to wear. I have a few pairs I will be bringing for various reasons.

1. I have a pair or custom ordered Chuck Taylor low tops. They have black bumpers and black laces but the canvas is a super cute pomegranate print in red, white and blue. These will be my generic walking around shoes. I can wear them to and from the bridal salon, out to the pool with my cover-up and bikini or just around the casino.

2. Fancy shoe #1 - I have a pair of strappy stiletto heels from Dolce Vita in silver, they are pretty cool. But I have spent  some of my free time rhinestoning the heck out of them so there is a ton of sparkle. I'm super excited about them, everyone is going to freak out when they see my shoes.

3. As much as I like my fancy shoes the heels are super high and after a couple of hours in a pair of torture shoes, I may need to go to a shorter heel. So my backup shoes are a black Mary Jane with a kitten heel that should go with both my evening outfits.

4. I am debating on what to wear with my Saturday Night outfit, I could wear the same sparkly shoes but I also own a pair in black felt that I didn't sparkle the crap out of. I might bring those just because I don't want to wear the same shoes on two nights. What kind of a fashion maven would do such a thing?

Only one week until my waxing and I get to be smooth as a baby for my time in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Lingerie Options

As I prepare for the big Vegas vacation I am building out my list of things to pack and wear.  I am a huge planner, I like making lists and checking things off and organizing so I am sure to have everything I need. I might even make a blog post out of it soon. But for now I am trying to organize my outfits. I have three main events in Las Vegas and while the outwear will steal the show for everyone that sees me, I am one of those girls that likes to match my underwear to my outerwear. So lets go through some of my lingerie options.

Outfit One - is a sparkly pink and black hombre gown, and with it I was going to wear a basque from Pour Moi Lingerie and just remove the shoulder straps. I have the matching panties in the same Jewel/Black color. The beauty of wearing a basque is that it allows me to wear fully fashioned Gio stockings with my outfit.

Outfit 2 - would be for the wedding dress fitting. The dress is strapless so I need appropriate underwear for the fitting and I can just wear that under the casual dress that I will wear to the wedding salon.  I have tried a corset that I own and it doesn't work well with the wedding gown. I really am left with two options. On the left is something like a lace teddy but it is backless, the halter strap in the picture is removable and it has little tabs that are sticky on the sides of the bra, the bra cups are also sticky so it stays in place via the stickiness instead of boning and straps. The option on the right is a La Vien low back longline bra. I can wear stockings with either outfit but the La Vien has garters where the lace teddy I would need to wear hold up stockings.

Outfit 3 - I don't have a picture of but it is a blue satin tea length gown with some pleating around the skirt that give its some fullness, I would say the silhouette is A line. There is also an accent of black satin right across the top of the bust. The dress is also strapless but the back is high enough to wear a basque again or a strapless bra and garter belt set.  I am having some difficulty finding what I want in the right colors. I tried another Pour Moi set but they don't make a garter belt in that color and I don't like the black one I bought to go with it. At this point my option would be to purchase the same basque as above but in blue and black. But then I would basically have the same lingerie for both outfits just in different colors or I could try to find a different set of lingerie for outfit one. I really want to be able to wear stockings with this outfit. since I will have a little leg showing due to the tea length dress I can wear tan stocking but the welt of the stocking is in a contrast black so it would go so well with the basque.

I need to figure this out quick, only 22 days before I am on my way to Las Vegas.